Hanwha Wisenet WAVE

Wisenet WAVE is a fully scalable VMS platform designed for users to create video surveillance solutions for anyone regardless of device for a simple, reliable, customizable experience. Whether you are a small or large end user the WAVE VMS platform offers a variety of features that could help take your organization to the next level in security.

Key features include:

  • Multiple desktop client instances
  • Fisheye Camera Dewarping
  • Cross Platform
  • Advanced PTZ Control
  • Smart Motion Search
  • Server Health Monitoring
  • Digital Mapping
  • Storage Analytics
  • Complete Integration with Hanwha’s X-series camera line

Why would you consider using WAVE? First and foremost, its’ intuitive software allows users to navigate easily. From installation to setup and sharing, simplicity is key. Heavy and complicated workstations are not needed. It is efficient from the moment of installation to how quick the process is from start to finish.

Reliability is also key with regards to a security surveillance solution. You do not want any footage to be lost or key instances not be recorded. It is full of features to capture and record, with multi-server redundant failover and ready to use in a few short moments from install.

The server application works for Microsoft Windows and Linux Ubuntu and the client application works on Windows, Linux Ubuntu and Apple macOS. Manage and view video with the simple click into any one of these browsers.

Interested in learning more about Hanwha WAVE and how it could benefit your organization? Visit www.AccessSecurity.com or call 215-443-8600 to talk to a member of our sales team.

Should Your Organization Invest in S2 Magic Monitor?

Looking for a seamless user experience combining aspects of marketing, security and more for your organization? S2 Magic Monitor allows for digital signage, television, videos, RSS feeds and more to be projected onto a large screen system. By combining everything under one user interface, this magic monitor enhances your organization with this unified security management tool. How does S2 Magic Monitor address important security events? Should your organization invest in S2 Magic Monitor?

  • Unifies all security needs for an organization

Magic Monitor allows for security personnel to manage multiple displays at one command center. Whether it be video streams, feeds, camera locations or access control, this allows for all management to be done in one area.

  • Provides seamless notifications & alerts in the event of an emergency

In the event of an emergency, video, specific digital signage, instructions, maps and more will appear on the Magic Monitor in response to the event occurring. This can be extremely beneficial for employees within the organization to know where they are supposed to go with very little time to think.

  • Controls unified brand messaging across your facility

Use Magic Monitor to promote the organization using brand messaging through images, videos, cameras, etc. This can be displayed in a front lobby, conference room, meeting areas and more for visitor viewing purposes.

  • Enhances an organization’s workflow & awareness

Integrated access control, video and live Internet feeds give you a complete view of all things happening throughout the organization. This allows for a seamless workflow while enhancing operations to provide interactive content and layouts you need.

Should your organization invest in S2 Magic Monitor? S2 Magic Monitor can be your organization’s security management tool. With an easy to learn user interface, magic monitor provides a completely unified user experience combining access control, video, digital signage and internet feeds. Please contact Access Security Corp. by calling 215-443-8600 or emailing sales@accesssecurity.com for more information about this product.

How Advanced is Avigilon’s New H5A Camera Line?

With Avigilon’s new H5A camera line, take advantage of next generation video analytic technology. Help empower customers using ACC software, which can help detect and verify quickly to bring attention to events that matter the most. With new advanced hardware in the cameras, improved key features to the H4a and an increase in IR distance, wide dynamic range and more, this is the most intelligent camera ever built. Just how advanced is Avigilon’s new H5A camera line?

New Features:

  • Next Generation Video Analytics: More object classifications and detection so you can accurately detect objects quicker.
  • Wide Dynamic Range: Available in all resolutions, this camera can easily capture details in both light and dark settings.
  • Multiple Lenses: Customers can choose from various lenses for full coverage options.
  • Light Catcher Technology: Can provide exceptional details in areas with too low of lighting.
  • Recognition: Uses the latest technology to recognize stationary and moving objects, night and day, along with object type.
  • Detection: Provides better detection with fewer objects missed. It can distinguish between types of vehicles, buses, trucks and motorcycles while also distinguishing between people in a crowd or obstructed views.

So, just how advanced is Avigilon’s new H5A camera line? Avigilon focuses on designing, developing and manufacturing solutions in video analytics, cloud software, security cameras, video management and more. As an industry leader, they can provide the most integrated solutions for video security and access control to help in situations when you need it most.

Please contact Access Security Corp. by calling 215-443-8600 or emailing sales@accesssecurity.com for more information.

Have You Heard About Avigilon Blue?

With dynamic advances in technology, the evolution of security systems has allowed the world to become entirely more connected. Avigilon Blue is highly functional security cloud service that provides premium surveillance for organizations of all sizes. The Blue platform allows organizations to store recorded video locally, while also streaming and saving video alarm conditions to the cloud. Avigilon Blue can also record and link video analytic alarm events with video clips and send them to security personnel. This platform is able to program and control cameras remotely, check system settings and monitor the health of multiple VMS servers. This allows for complete convenience with enterprise grade security, while also allowing organizations the ability to view both live and recorded video from all cameras throughout the entire system.

Why choose Avigilon Blue?

  • Simplicity: The connecting device is easy to setup and configure no matter the skill level for users. It allows you to quickly address camera and system changes using far less resources than traditional systems.
  • Scalability: This system is entirely scalable, which enables you to add new services and customizable options as the organization grows, bringing in more overall value to the customer.
  • Security: These cloud services are deployed and managed through a network of data centers with enterprise grade security.

Avigilon Blue offers various subscription plans customizable to fit your security needs while also being able to grow with your organization. These plans consist of high definition video storage, cloud-based verification clips, notifications, unlimited user accounts and more. Cloud technology provides extreme benefits to organizations when taken advantage of.

Please contact Access Security Corp. for more information on getting started with this technology by calling 215-443-8600 or visiting www.AccessSecurity.com!

Early Warning Smoke Detection with VESDA

Reliable and quick solutions are key for early threat detection. Xtralis, a global leader in early detection, uses a unique approach to provide customers the peace of mind they deserve. This technology prevents harmful situations including fires, gas leaks and property threats by giving users plenty of time to respond.

Years ago, Xtralis introduced the VESDA system to the world which takes continuous air samples in order to detect any harmful elements early on in order to prevent injury, property damage and more. With multi-level warning signals, this system can detect a fire or gas leak before it has the chance to spread. VESDA can be deployed across a wide range of industries including hospitals, correctional facilities, senior living, warehouses and more.

This newly developed system includes a range of advanced features, 15 times greater than prior models using active sampling. By using a complete network of tubes connected throughout, VEA can directly address the location as to where the signal is coming from.

What can you expect from VEA?

  • Assured Detection
  • Flexible and Fast Installation
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Interruption Free Operation
  • Efficient and Effective Response

Not sure if switching to this system is right for you? Not only would it eliminate the need for single spot detector testing, it allows access to typically restricted areas, reduces installation, maintenance and false alarm costs.

For the protection of people, infrastructures and valuable assets, Xtralis offers an array of security solutions guaranteed to reduce potential threats. For more information about finding the right solution for you, give us a call at 215-443-8600!

Saving Lives Using ZeroEyes

With shootings on the rise across the United States, along with a lack of information for first responders when on the scene, it was important to develop a tool that could stop intruders before they even got a chance to enter the building. With advancements in security technology, finding an effective solution, is possible now more than ever.

ZeroEyes is an artificial intelligence platform used to prevent casualties and identify weapons. Integrated with camera systems, this platform monitors feeds in order to detect weapons, while sending immediate updates to authorities.

Key Features:

Weapons Detection
Using advanced analytics software, ZeroEyes is able to detect weapons efficiently each time. Once a weapon is detected, an image is taken from the camera and sent to authorities. This image will enable them to understand weapon location and the type of weapon used. Saving time means saving lives.

With the ability for each camera to detect weapons in view, immediate alerts will be sent out and key personnel will be notified in real time. This allows necessary authorities to understand where the danger is coming from, where they need to go and what kind of situation they are dealing with.

The ZeroEyes algorithm is continually evolving to better identify and detect weapons. The team consists of highly skilled, former American military veterans that aim to make each detection both faster and stronger than the last.

ZeroEyes is not limited to one specific vertical. From education and travel to healthcare, corporations, venues and more, this software can be implemented throughout a variety of different markets. If you are interested in learning more or receiving a demo about this weapon detection system, please give us a call at 215-443-8600 or email sales@accesssecurity.com.

HALO Smart IT Sensor

The need for enhanced safety tools to be installed behind typically closed doors has become exceedingly high. Fights, bullying, vaping and smoking, among just a few things, happen in places where cameras are prohibited including bathrooms, locker rooms, closets, etc. The dangers of not being able to detect what is happening in these areas, most notably in school environments, has been extremely high…until now.

The HALO Smart IT Sensor acts as both a vape detector and security device. With 11 built in sensors, this device can detect changes in the environment to automatically send alerts when any kind of shift in activity occurs. These alerts can be received through an online platform or video management monitoring software. This includes:

  • Chemicals
  • Air Quality
  • Vaping
  • Smoking
  • Noise Levels
  • Gun Shots

One of the benefits surrounding this device is its’ ability to preserve privacy. The HALO Smart Sensor doesn’t record or store any video footage or audio clips. With no cloud fees and less false alarms, this device integrates directly with the security platform and VMS. With the ability to be incorporated into a variety of industries including education, healthcare, hospitality, real estate, manufacturing, commercial properties and more, the HALO Smart Sensor is the answer in the prevention of harmful events.  

Interested in learning more about this smart sensor and its’ capabilities? If you have any questions or are interested in having a demo setup for you, please call us at 215-443-8600 or visit our website at www.AccessSecurity.com.

Importance of an Emergency Notification System: Alertus Technologies

Outside or internal threats to schools, organizations and businesses are rising.  It’s never been a more crucial time to ensure the safety and well-being of students, faculty, employees and visitors. With advanced mass notification technologies, Alertus Emergency Notification Platform notifies people in seconds when time is of the essence.

Alertus offers a variety of mass notification emergency solutions including an Alert beacon, desktop notification, app, panic buttons, text-to-speech, fire alarm interface and more. Built on the Alertus server, the mass notification system is entirely managed through the user interface beginning with alert initiation and server acknowledgement and ending with alert activation.

The system offers unique capabilities including one touch activation, targeted alerts, preset alerts and more.

One Touch Activation
Being able to instantly alert everyone or only a few select people in the building is crucial to providing a safe work environment, using this one touch activation system. With an array of methods, including buttons, desktop activator, VoIP phones and more, the ability for the organization to customize to fit their organization’ needs is easier than ever.

Targeted Alerts
Alert targeting has never been easier with the Alertus system. In critical situations, it’s important to get the message across to the right people. Alertus can pinpoint select audiences using an interactive map with geo-targets, alerting groups, groupings by building and more.

Preset Alerts
Simplify mass alerts by using already preset labels including severe weather, an active shooter, PA voice announcements and more. These can be released through the entire system to everyone or only necessary people with one simple touch at any crucial moment.

Interested in learning more about this intuitive system useful for emergency management professionals? Join us for an emergency management seminar hosted by Access Security Corp. on Tuesday, April 23rd from 11:30am-1:30pm. Click here to register!

How Secure Is Your Entry System?

How secure is your door entry system? Regulation of who has access to and from buildings helps to easily identify visitors and either permit or restrict access to your organization for security purposes. This two way communication device allows for communication between a single building or multiple buildings. Common locations where intercoms are placed include entrance doors, loading docks, gates and in residential homes. Check out the most common types of intercoms and how they can be incorporated into your organization.

Basic Intercom

Most likely found in an organizational setting, which can include a master station and multiple sub stations. A receptionist can directly communicate with each sub-station at multiple entrances to either allow or deny entry to visitors.

  • Wireless Systems
    Wireless intercoms rely on radio frequencies for the transmission of signals. The cheaper option compared to hard wired, these typically don’t require the need for installation, resulting in a much more user-friendly system.
  • Wired Systems
    One of the most common types of systems, these are built into the walls of your building. While a little more expensive, their signals tend to be clearer than wireless systems.

Video Intercom
Video intercoms come with built in cameras that can be stationed at door entrances for users to visually see and communicate with whomever is at the door, speakers and push buttons. This allows them to verify before allowing entry to ensure optimal security inside the organization.

The Aiphone JK Series Entry-Level Video Intercom supports up to two master stations and a single door station. The memory can record up to 40 calls while featuring a PTZ control for enhanced viewing.

Full Intercom
See, speak and unlock the door from anywhere using Aiphone’s JO Series Mobile App Entry Level Video Intercom. This includes a mobile app which gives users the ability to monitor exactly who shows up at the site while also allowing visitors entry from anywhere with the simple press of a button on their mobile device.

Enhance the communication and security of your organization with the right intercom systems for you. Contact Access Security Corporation at 215-443-8600 or email sales@accesssecurity.com.

Use Avigilon Appearance Search to Find What You Need…Fast

Stop sorting through hours of video and improve overall response time by compiling specific information about a person or incident. With Avigilon Appearance Search, finding exactly what you need is a quick and easy process. Using advanced video analytics, you will be able to easily locate the specific object or person you are looking for using an artificial intelligence search engine through descriptions, facial analytics and more.

Search Using Descriptions
Trying to locate a person that left their purse on a table in a large hospital? Easily narrow in on the person or object you are looking for by searching using descriptions. Using specific characteristics including shirt color, gender, height, etc., you will be able to quickly scroll through the footage you need in order to locate the person more easily.

Facial Analytics
Focus on specific facial features and narrow down your search. While people’s faces, hair color, clothing and accessories change over the time, Avigilon Appearance Search focuses on the key person, even if other attributes change over time. Appearance Search can pinpoint down to the correct analytical characteristics to easily find who you are looking for.

Blurred Exporting
Wish you could blur out elements of a video to make finding certain people or objects easier? You can! Focus solely on the person or object you are following by blurring out all other elements in view. This allows the attention to be focused on the object or person so time can be used more efficiently in narrowing in on other parts of the search.

Avigilon’s Appearance Search uses artificial intelligence searching to focus on specific people or objects. Using characteristics, facial analytics and blurred exporting, the daunting task of searching through hours of video can be made simpler using this video analytics tool. Take your searches to the next level and improve overall responder time.

For more information about how to use this search tool, please call 215-443-8600 or visit us at www.AccessSecurity.com.