Have You Heard About Avigilon Blue?

With dynamic advances in technology, the evolution of security systems has allowed the world to become entirely more connected. Avigilon Blue is highly functional security cloud service that provides premium surveillance for organizations of all sizes. The Blue platform allows organizations to store recorded video locally, while also streaming and saving video alarm conditions to the cloud. Avigilon Blue can also record and link video analytic alarm events with video clips and send them to security personnel. This platform is able to program and control cameras remotely, check system settings and monitor the health of multiple VMS servers. This allows for complete convenience with enterprise grade security, while also allowing organizations the ability to view both live and recorded video from all cameras throughout the entire system.

Why choose Avigilon Blue?

  • Simplicity: The connecting device is easy to setup and configure no matter the skill level for users. It allows you to quickly address camera and system changes using far less resources than traditional systems.
  • Scalability: This system is entirely scalable, which enables you to add new services and customizable options as the organization grows, bringing in more overall value to the customer.
  • Security: These cloud services are deployed and managed through a network of data centers with enterprise grade security.

Avigilon Blue offers various subscription plans customizable to fit your security needs while also being able to grow with your organization. These plans consist of high definition video storage, cloud-based verification clips, notifications, unlimited user accounts and more. Cloud technology provides extreme benefits to organizations when taken advantage of.

Please contact Access Security Corp. for more information on getting started with this technology by calling 215-443-8600 or visiting www.AccessSecurity.com!