Importance of an Emergency Notification System: Alertus Technologies

Outside or internal threats to schools, organizations and businesses are rising.  It’s never been a more crucial time to ensure the safety and well-being of students, faculty, employees and visitors. With advanced mass notification technologies, Alertus Emergency Notification Platform notifies people in seconds when time is of the essence.

Alertus offers a variety of mass notification emergency solutions including an Alert beacon, desktop notification, app, panic buttons, text-to-speech, fire alarm interface and more. Built on the Alertus server, the mass notification system is entirely managed through the user interface beginning with alert initiation and server acknowledgement and ending with alert activation.

The system offers unique capabilities including one touch activation, targeted alerts, preset alerts and more.

One Touch Activation
Being able to instantly alert everyone or only a few select people in the building is crucial to providing a safe work environment, using this one touch activation system. With an array of methods, including buttons, desktop activator, VoIP phones and more, the ability for the organization to customize to fit their organization’ needs is easier than ever.

Targeted Alerts
Alert targeting has never been easier with the Alertus system. In critical situations, it’s important to get the message across to the right people. Alertus can pinpoint select audiences using an interactive map with geo-targets, alerting groups, groupings by building and more.

Preset Alerts
Simplify mass alerts by using already preset labels including severe weather, an active shooter, PA voice announcements and more. These can be released through the entire system to everyone or only necessary people with one simple touch at any crucial moment.

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