Early Warning Smoke Detection with VESDA

Reliable and quick solutions are key for early threat detection. Xtralis, a global leader in early detection, uses a unique approach to provide customers the peace of mind they deserve. This technology prevents harmful situations including fires, gas leaks and property threats by giving users plenty of time to respond.

Years ago, Xtralis introduced the VESDA system to the world which takes continuous air samples in order to detect any harmful elements early on in order to prevent injury, property damage and more. With multi-level warning signals, this system can detect a fire or gas leak before it has the chance to spread. VESDA can be deployed across a wide range of industries including hospitals, correctional facilities, senior living, warehouses and more.

This newly developed system includes a range of advanced features, 15 times greater than prior models using active sampling. By using a complete network of tubes connected throughout, VEA can directly address the location as to where the signal is coming from.

What can you expect from VEA?

  • Assured Detection
  • Flexible and Fast Installation
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Interruption Free Operation
  • Efficient and Effective Response

Not sure if switching to this system is right for you? Not only would it eliminate the need for single spot detector testing, it allows access to typically restricted areas, reduces installation, maintenance and false alarm costs.

For the protection of people, infrastructures and valuable assets, Xtralis offers an array of security solutions guaranteed to reduce potential threats. For more information about finding the right solution for you, give us a call at 215-443-8600!