Central Monitoring

Without central station monitoring, your alarm system will not contact the appropriate authorities that need to respond during a security breach.

Advantages of Using an Alarm Monitoring System

Tie in all the appropriate authorities automatically with central station monitoring. Our highly trained professionals that occupy our station will respond quickly once an alarm signal is received.

At Access Security Corporation, we understand the importance of protecting your property, calling to ensure your safety while promptly notifying the proper authorities.

All of our services are provided by our trained staff that ensures your system is working properly to determine when you need upgrades, repairs, or technical support.

Alarm Cellular Backup

Using a Cellular Wireless system provides additional overall security by providing dedicated wireless communications from the alarm panel to the central station. Adding a primary or back-up cellular communicator helps ensure alarms and status messages generated by security systems are received by the central station.

We understand that your phone line is the single most vulnerable point in your security system. Using a cellular system reduces vulnerability and provides the additional protection you need. Adding redundant network and cellular communication increases reliability of communications to the central station.

Our services are provided for any alarm monitoring system in the greater Philadelphia area. Our central monitoring station is available to assist in your security measures for alarms and surveillance.

Using a cellular link that transmits alarm messages to our central station gives you the confidence that alarms will be conveyed instantly even when phone lines are down. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions that protect your business.

Get in touch for a product demo and explore our solution offerings.

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