Hanwha Wisenet WAVE
August 3, 2020

Wisenet WAVE is a fully scalable VMS platform designed for users to create video surveillance solutions for anyone regardless of device for a simple, reliable, customizable experience. Whether you are a small or large end user the WAVE VMS platform offers a variety of features that could help take your organization to the next level […]

Should Your Organization Invest in S2 Magic Monitor?
February 17, 2020

Looking for a seamless user experience combining aspects of marketing, security and more for your organization? S2 Magic Monitor allows for digital signage, television, videos, RSS feeds and more to be projected onto a large screen system. By combining everything under one user interface, this magic monitor enhances your organization with this unified security management tool. […]

How Advanced is Avigilon’s New H5A Camera Line?
November 12, 2019

With Avigilon’s new H5A camera line, take advantage of next generation video analytic technology. Help empower customers using ACC software, which can help detect and verify quickly to bring attention to events that matter the most. With new advanced hardware in the cameras, improved key features to the H4a and an increase in IR distance, […]

Have You Heard About Avigilon Blue?
October 23, 2019

With dynamic advances in technology, the evolution of security systems has allowed the world to become entirely more connected. Avigilon Blue is highly functional security cloud service that provides premium surveillance for organizations of all sizes. The Blue platform allows organizations to store recorded video locally, while also streaming and saving video alarm conditions to […]

Early Warning Smoke Detection with VESDA
September 18, 2019

Reliable and quick solutions are key for early threat detection. Xtralis, a global leader in early detection, uses a unique approach to provide customers the peace of mind they deserve. This technology prevents harmful situations including fires, gas leaks and property threats by giving users plenty of time to respond. VESDAYears ago, Xtralis introduced the […]

Saving Lives Using ZeroEyes
July 2, 2019

With shootings on the rise across the United States, along with a lack of information for first responders when on the scene, it was important to develop a tool that could stop intruders before they even got a chance to enter the building. With advancements in security technology, finding an effective solution, is possible now […]

HALO Smart IT Sensor
May 30, 2019

The need for enhanced safety tools to be installed behind typically closed doors has become exceedingly high. Fights, bullying, vaping and smoking, among just a few things, happen in places where cameras are prohibited including bathrooms, locker rooms, closets, etc. The dangers of not being able to detect what is happening in these areas, most […]

Importance of an Emergency Notification System: Alertus Technologies
April 18, 2019

Outside or internal threats to schools, organizations and businesses are rising.  It’s never been a more crucial time to ensure the safety and well-being of students, faculty, employees and visitors. With advanced mass notification technologies, Alertus Emergency Notification Platform notifies people in seconds when time is of the essence. Alertus offers a variety of mass […]

How Secure Is Your Entry System?
March 28, 2019

How secure is your door entry system? Regulation of who has access to and from buildings helps to easily identify visitors and either permit or restrict access to your organization for security purposes. This two way communication device allows for communication between a single building or multiple buildings. Common locations where intercoms are placed include […]

Use Avigilon Appearance Search to Find What You Need…Fast
February 4, 2019

Stop sorting through hours of video and improve overall response time by compiling specific information about a person or incident. With Avigilon Appearance Search, finding exactly what you need is a quick and easy process. Using advanced video analytics, you will be able to easily locate the specific object or person you are looking for using […]