How Secure Is Your Entry System?

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How secure is your door entry system? Regulation of who has access to and from buildings helps to easily identify visitors and either permit or restrict access to your organization for security purposes. This two way communication device allows for communication between a single building or multiple buildings. Common locations where intercoms are placed include entrance doors, loading docks, gates and in residential homes. Check out the most common types of intercoms and how they can be incorporated into your organization.

Basic Intercom

Most likely found in an organizational setting, which can include a master station and multiple sub stations. A receptionist can directly communicate with each sub-station at multiple entrances to either allow or deny entry to visitors.

  • Wireless Systems
    Wireless intercoms rely on radio frequencies for the transmission of signals. The cheaper option compared to hard wired, these typically don’t require the need for installation, resulting in a much more user-friendly system.
  • Wired Systems
    One of the most common types of systems, these are built into the walls of your building. While a little more expensive, their signals tend to be clearer than wireless systems.

Video Intercom
Video intercoms come with built in cameras that can be stationed at door entrances for users to visually see and communicate with whomever is at the door, speakers and push buttons. This allows them to verify before allowing entry to ensure optimal security inside the organization.

The Aiphone JK Series Entry-Level Video Intercom supports up to two master stations and a single door station. The memory can record up to 40 calls while featuring a PTZ control for enhanced viewing.

Full Intercom
See, speak and unlock the door from anywhere using Aiphone’s JO Series Mobile App Entry Level Video Intercom. This includes a mobile app which gives users the ability to monitor exactly who shows up at the site while also allowing visitors entry from anywhere with the simple press of a button on their mobile device.

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