Saving Lives Using ZeroEyes

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With shootings on the rise across the United States, along with a lack of information for first responders when on the scene, it was important to develop a tool that could stop intruders before they even got a chance to enter the building. With advancements in security technology, finding an effective solution, is possible now more than ever.

ZeroEyes is an artificial intelligence platform used to prevent casualties and identify weapons. Integrated with camera systems, this platform monitors feeds in order to detect weapons, while sending immediate updates to authorities.

Key Features:

Weapons Detection
Using advanced analytics software, ZeroEyes is able to detect weapons efficiently each time. Once a weapon is detected, an image is taken from the camera and sent to authorities. This image will enable them to understand weapon location and the type of weapon used. Saving time means saving lives.

With the ability for each camera to detect weapons in view, immediate alerts will be sent out and key personnel will be notified in real time. This allows necessary authorities to understand where the danger is coming from, where they need to go and what kind of situation they are dealing with.

The ZeroEyes algorithm is continually evolving to better identify and detect weapons. The team consists of highly skilled, former American military veterans that aim to make each detection both faster and stronger than the last.

ZeroEyes is not limited to one specific vertical. From education and travel to healthcare, corporations, venues and more, this software can be implemented throughout a variety of different markets. If you are interested in learning more or receiving a demo about this weapon detection system, please give us a call at 215-443-8600 or email