What Happens After Your Company’s Alarm System Sounds?

Security systems are incredibly valuable to commercial location owners. By striving to protect the entire circumference of your location, you’ll be able to ensure the effective safeguard of your employees, visitors, assets and sensitive information. But by not taking the appropriate measures to prevent a security breach, though, you’ll be putting a lot on the line. The convenience and protective measures provided by reputable security companies, such as Access Security Corporation, will help you to eliminate the possibility of your company’s safety being jeopardized. To assist you in developing a better idea about the responsiveness of security professionals, we’ve outlined the crucial steps that security corporations will take in securing your location, should your security ever be compromised.

  1. As soon as your alarm system sounds, a signal is immediately transmitted to the central station. The monitoring team will then work quickly to identify the specific areas in which your property’s security system has been violated.
  1. To rule-out the possibility of your alarm system being accidentally tripped, the monitoring team will call your company to confirm the alarm. A password will be on file at the central station, as well, so that you can identify yourself to the operator in the event of a false alarm.
  1. If no one answers the call, or if the person that does is unable to provide the correct password, then the central station will relay the breach of security to the authorities.
  1. After emergency responders have been contacted, such as the police, fire department and EMTs, the monitoring team will contact the people listed on your company’s “emergency call list” and inform them of the situation.

When you choose an established security service provider to implement protective solutions for your company, you’ll be given the peace of the mind that your business is protected from possible security breaches. From access control systems in Philadelphia, PA to video surveillance in Montgomery County, PA—there are security technicians prepared to help provide your company with an ideal level of protection. When you request central station monitoring support, you’ll have the confidence that your property is secured 24 hours a day, 365 days a year—even if phone lines are down.

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