Should Your Organization Invest in S2 Magic Monitor?

Looking for a seamless user experience combining aspects of marketing, security and more for your organization? S2 Magic Monitor allows for digital signage, television, videos, RSS feeds and more to be projected onto a large screen system. By combining everything under one user interface, this magic monitor enhances your organization with this unified security management tool. How does S2 Magic Monitor address important security events? Should your organization invest in S2 Magic Monitor?

  • Unifies all security needs for an organization

Magic Monitor allows for security personnel to manage multiple displays at one command center. Whether it be video streams, feeds, camera locations or access control, this allows for all management to be done in one area.

  • Provides seamless notifications & alerts in the event of an emergency

In the event of an emergency, video, specific digital signage, instructions, maps and more will appear on the Magic Monitor in response to the event occurring. This can be extremely beneficial for employees within the organization to know where they are supposed to go with very little time to think.

  • Controls unified brand messaging across your facility

Use Magic Monitor to promote the organization using brand messaging through images, videos, cameras, etc. This can be displayed in a front lobby, conference room, meeting areas and more for visitor viewing purposes.

  • Enhances an organization’s workflow & awareness

Integrated access control, video and live Internet feeds give you a complete view of all things happening throughout the organization. This allows for a seamless workflow while enhancing operations to provide interactive content and layouts you need.

Should your organization invest in S2 Magic Monitor? S2 Magic Monitor can be your organization’s security management tool. With an easy to learn user interface, magic monitor provides a completely unified user experience combining access control, video, digital signage and internet feeds. Please contact Access Security Corp. by calling 215-443-8600 or emailing for more information about this product.