How Advanced is Avigilon’s New H5A Camera Line?

With Avigilon’s new H5A camera line, take advantage of next generation video analytic technology. Help empower customers using ACC software, which can help detect and verify quickly to bring attention to events that matter the most. With new advanced hardware in the cameras, improved key features to the H4a and an increase in IR distance, wide dynamic range and more, this is the most intelligent camera ever built. Just how advanced is Avigilon’s new H5A camera line?

New Features:

  • Next Generation Video Analytics: More object classifications and detection so you can accurately detect objects quicker.
  • Wide Dynamic Range: Available in all resolutions, this camera can easily capture details in both light and dark settings.
  • Multiple Lenses: Customers can choose from various lenses for full coverage options.
  • Light Catcher Technology: Can provide exceptional details in areas with too low of lighting.
  • Recognition: Uses the latest technology to recognize stationary and moving objects, night and day, along with object type.
  • Detection: Provides better detection with fewer objects missed. It can distinguish between types of vehicles, buses, trucks and motorcycles while also distinguishing between people in a crowd or obstructed views.

So, just how advanced is Avigilon’s new H5A camera line? Avigilon focuses on designing, developing and manufacturing solutions in video analytics, cloud software, security cameras, video management and more. As an industry leader, they can provide the most integrated solutions for video security and access control to help in situations when you need it most.

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