How to Improve School Entrance Security

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A school’s entrance is the first line of defense when it comes to school safety. The right security enhancements and visitor protocols can protect your students from potentially threatening situations or individuals.
Could your school use any of these enhancements at your entrance?

Single Point of Entry

  • During high traffic times, like arrival or dismissal, it’s important to create one single point of entry for all students and visitors. Having just one point of entry makes it much easier to monitor traffic coming in and out of your school. If you need to have more than one point of entry, it’s critical to make sure that all access points are being monitored.

Extra Staff

  • It’s been proven that the presence of security guards or supervising staff members deters unruly behavior or criminal activity. Make sure to station more guards or staff members during the entrances and exits during both arrival and dismissal since those are the most high-traffic points of the day.

Double Entry

  • Having a series of locked doors between your students and visitors is a terrific way to add an extra layer of security to your school. Ideally, visitors would pass through the first set of doors which would lead them directly to the main office. Visitors can only get through the second set of doors into the school if they register or check in with the main office and are allowed access.
    Automatic Gates
  • If you can’t reconfigure your space to have a double entry within your school you can opt to use an automatic gate within the parking lot. With an added intercom system, visitors can check in via the automatic gate and be granted access by staff from within the building. Not only will this option keep trespassers from attempting to enter your school – it will keep them off the property in general.

Security Cameras & Intercom

  • Implementing a security camera and intercom system at the entrance and front office to your school can help your staff to safely identify and allow entrance to visitors and guests. A video surveillance system will help staff to confirm that the guest attempting to enter your school really is who they say they are. Moreover, having cameras at both your exits and entrances is extremely beneficial if an incident should occur. Footage of everyone who came in and out of your school could be very helpful during a criminal investigation.

Access Control

  • Access control systems consist of electrified door hardware and cloud security solutions that are used to monitor who enters a school and at what time. Since these systems help to keep unauthorized individuals outside, school officials have more peace of mind regarding the safety of those on the inside. Unless someone has clearance, access control systems won’t allow them through the doors. Moreover, you can limit some access levels to certain times. If you don’t want your staff to be able to enter after hours then you can make this a rule within your system.

Visitor Management System

  • One of the most important ways to keep your school entrance safe is implementing a visitor management system. Even if it’s just a paper check-in log! A record of who came in and out of your school and at what time is valuable information. Your visitor management procedure needs to be utilized at all times and at every entrance.