5 Things We Learned from the Healthcare Crime Survey

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The International Association for Healthcare Safety and Security Foundation (IAHSS Foundation) recently released their healthcare crime survey. The overall purpose of the study is to provide healthcare professionals with a better understand of the crimes that take place within hospitals. It was packed with information.

Here are a few takeaways…

  1. The most common type of crime within a hospital in 2016 could be classified as disorderly conduct, with assault and theft coming in second and third respectively.
  2. “Violent Crimes”, which include murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault, have decreased by almost 50% since 2014.
  3. For 2016, “Workplace Violence, Type” dominated every other type of workplace violence. The IAHSS defines Workplace Violence, Type 2, as “Violence directed at employees by customers, clients, patients, students, inmates, or any others for whom an organization provides services.”
  4. In 2016, “Workplace Violence, Type 2” accounted for 91% of all assaults in U.S. Hospitals.
  5. On average, only 15% Workplace Violence, Type 2 incidents resulted in legal action during 2016.

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