Top 6 Places to Install Security Cameras

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Today, it seems that most businesses are utilizing security cameras throughout their facilities for both investigative and preventative reasons. With that being said; how can you be sure you are installing your cameras in the right places? Here is a list of the top 6 areas you NEED a camera!

  1. All entrances and exits
    • Having cameras at all entrances and exits is a great way to capture facial images that can be used later to identify individuals should they cause any trouble. However, the placement of these cameras is very tricky due to lighting changes, especially in areas with large windows and doors (ex: lobby or waiting room).
  2. Near Valuables
    • Your organization needs to install security cameras if you have valuable machinery, expensive retail items, or a cash register. These items are prime targets for thieves and a noticeable video surveillance camera could prevent and/or record a robbery or any suspicious behaviors.
  3. Employee Work Stations
    • A lot of businesses, especially those in a more retail setting, can use their video surveillance systems to capture stellar job performances. Managers can use these videos during training sessions or team meetings. Not so stellar performances can also be used for one on one employee reviews.
  4. Storage and Stock Rooms
    • It’s not uncommon for businesses to store extra inventory, electronics, valuable customer data, and even critical business information in storage closets or stockrooms. Cameras near these locations will prevent employee theft, protect your customers, and help to track inventory.
  5. Loading Areas
    • A lot of our clients have highly valuable shipments coming in and out of their facilities on a daily basis. The main goal for this is to keep the area safe and secure, but they also use these cameras to keep an extra set of eyes on any precious cargo. Moreover, a surprising number of employee injuries take place in the loading area or loading dock. A video surveillance system could protect your business from any false worker’s compensation claims.
  6. Secluded Areas
    • Security cameras can give you coverage in places you wouldn’t normally look, like back alleys, dumpsters, and even parking lots (hint: license plates). Our security experts even recommend installing floodlights in these locations in addition to security cameras. Criminals and trespassers will think twice when they see all the precautions you have implemented in these usually vulnerable locations.