7 Reasons Commercial Properties Need Automatic Gates

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Are you thinking about installing automatic gates on your commercial property? As a first line of defense, automatic gates provide a significant advantage over other types of security measures. Here are seven reasons why your commercial property needs automatic gates:       

  1. Improve the safety and security of your facilities by preventing unauthorized personnel from entering your commercial property. Since the electronic gates are designed with irreversibly geared motors, it’s incredibly difficult for burglars to force them open. Moreover, the solid, sturdy design of your automatic gates will function as a deterrent to all types of crime.
  1. Since automatic gates come along with customizable options, you can choose between several designs and colors based on the overall theme of your business. Both sliding gates and swing gates can be integrated with a variety of locking mechanisms, as well as fire control and access control systems in New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania.
  1. With manual gates, you have to hire staff to open and close them as visitors come and go. However, automatic gates can be operated simply with a remote control. This way, visitors don’t have to get exit their vehicles if there aren’t any employees around. This is especially practical at night or during bad weather. In addition, when access controls are built into your automatic gate, you can even observe visitors and determine whether or not you want to give them access to your property.
  1. When you make the wise decision to install automatic gates in Philadelphia, New Jersey or Delaware, you’ll enjoy a convenient installation process. At Access Security Corporation, the highly trained technicians arrive at every job with all the equipment and supplies necessary to perform a safe, efficient installation on your property. Plus, with one of our preventative maintenance programs, you can have confidence in the life expectancy, dependability and overall functionality of your system, all year round.
  1. Compared to traditional gates, most automatic gates have been designed with stainless steel and aluminum, which prevents corrosion due to weather damage or decomposition.
  1. There are many reasons why the value of your commercial property might fluctuate; however, improving your facility’s security will almost always increase its value. By adding automatic gates to your property and promoting a safer, more secure presentation of your facility, both your curb appeal and value will increase, making it more attractive for buyers in the future.
  1. Insurance is a crucial investment that commercial properties must have. Since automatic gates provide another layer of protection to your property, your insurance company might be more inclined to give your company additional insurance breaks.

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