Security Best Practices for Residential Property Managers

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A sound security system for your residential property will protect both your residents, your property, and your business!

  1. Screen both residents and employees
    • Background checks and security screenings ensure that you are bringing in quality residents and employees. A potential resident, or employee, with prior arrests may disrupt the community and cause issues with other residents.
  2. Preform preventative maintenance
    • Property managers and maintenance staff should regularly test and evaluate security cameras, lights, locks, and all other equipment. Making sure all your systems are in proper working condition can prevent future incidents from taking place.
  3. Communicate with residents
    • Make sure your residents know they need to always lock their doors, windows, and mailboxes. A great way to do this is through a monthly newsletter with security tips. Or, your leasing consultant can walk all new residents through the community’s security features when they first move in.
  4. Make your staff recognizable
    • All your staff members should be easily identifiable – especially those who enter resident’s homes on a regular basis. Burglars can often be mistaken for maintenance workers if they make sure they look the part. Access Security recommends requiring all staff to carry an ID badge and wear a uniform that is unique to your community. Moreover, residents should be alerted in advance when a member of your team is scheduled to enter their residence.
  5. Implement a community crime watch program
    • All resident should feel comfortable reporting suspicious activity. More importantly, they should know how to report it and to whom. You could even implement an official committee consisting of a committed group of residents who wish to make a safer environment for the entire community. This committee could work together to update residents on security protocols and work as an active neighborhood watch group.