Why Your Schools Needs Video Surveillance

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According to the US Department of Education, over 75% of schools have at least one video surveillance camera within their school to improve safety and monitor activities.

While some may argue with the idea of having camera within our school, they have proven to be very effective in the prevention, control, and aftermath of any unsafe situations.

If you don’t have a video surveillance system yet, let us try to convince you…

Here are 5 top reasons surveillance cameras are a key to any security plan:

  1. Faster Detection of Intruders
    Camera coverage, especially when covering a large area is key to speeding the time to identify and locate an intruder.
  2. Identification
    Cameras can help security staff identify a person during an incident or assist with identification after the fact.
  3. Documentation
    Video retrieval will depend on the Video Management Software and the amount of storage used. The right system will allow you to easily identify an incident and retrieve the video for playback.
  4. Verification
    When trying to secure a large area, security cameras allow staff to quickly verify if an alarm or incident is real and respond with the appropriate actions.
  5. Safer Environment
    According to a recent report by Ipsos Public Affairs, 60% of parents feel that their children would be safer at a school with surveillance cameras in place.


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