Hidden Benefits of Using Video Surveillance

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Your video surveillance system can do a lot more than you think. These systems can save your company millions of dollars, improve employee productivity, and even assist in training exercises!

  • A video surveillance system can drastically lower your company’s insurance rates.
    • According to Insurance321, many insurance companies provide discounts on premiums for customers who implement security and threat prevention devices. Insurance companies prefer clients who pose the lowest threat and research has shown that properties with video surveillance are less likely to be broken into or vandalized.
  • A video surveillance system can protect your company from fraudulent lawsuits.
    • The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud discovered that fake “slip and fall” setups can cost businesses up to $30 billion each year! Footage from your video surveillance system can be used as a defense in a lawsuit against your company.
    • A video surveillance system can also help you in any suspicious workers’ compensation situations. Just a few months ago, The Department of Financial Services’ Division of Investigation and Forensic Services arrested a Fort Lauderdale woman after she attempted to collect workers’ compensation payments for an injury on the job. This woman claimed an object fell from the ceiling and hit her on the head, however video surveillance later proved that she struck herself with the object instead.
  • Your employees will prove to work more effectively with a video surveillance system present.
    • In most cases, employees are inclined to work more efficiently if they know they are being watched. However, not many organizations are utilizing their video surveillance systems to evaluate employee performance. In fact, according to Amanet, only 7% of the companies surveyed admitted to terminating an employee based on what they witnessed on their video surveillance system. Employee performance is definitely an untapped use for surveillance cameras!
  • You can utilize surveillance footage for employee training purposes.
    • A lot of businesses, especially those in a more retail setting, can use their video surveillance systems to capture stellar job performances. Managers can use these videos during training sessions or team meetings. Not so stellar performances can also be used for one on one employee reviews.
  • A visible video surveillance system will discourage untrustworthy employees.
    • The main purpose for a video surveillance system is to monitor your property against criminals…but sometimes those criminals are your own employees. According to CBS Money Watch News, a typical organization can expect to lose up to 7% in revenue due to employee theft and over 75% of people have stolen at least once from their employer.
  • Live footage from your video surveillance system can keep our first responders safe.
    • A surveillance system will keep first responders more prepared during any kind of threatening situation. For example, what if you had an active shooter in your building? With a surveillance system, first responders may be able to locate the shooter within the building. Additionally, they may be able to detect what kind of weapon the suspect is carrying or what they look like.


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