Making Schools Safer with Innovative Security Measures

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There’s no denying how important it is for schools to strengthen the safety and security of their buildings. With so many young children and a large number of faculty and staff present on a daily basis, protection must be a top priority. Here are four security systems that will definitely improve the security of any educational facility:

 1. Video Surveillance System

School security cameras in Philadelphia, PA and surrounding areas, help to improve the safety and security of any school tremendously. First off, with full camera coverage, school officials will be able to identify and locate an intruder before they even gain access to your building. Moreover, cameras can also assist with identification and visitation. To explain, school officials will be able to make sure that the person on the other side of the door is really who they say they are. Thirdly, the presence of security cameras has been known to stop some criminals (or rebellious students) right in their tracks!

2. Intercom System

Intercom systems provide schools with a quick and easy way to communicate essential information to students, faculty and visitors. There’s really no faster way to spread the word about a fire or any other perceived danger. A high-quality intercom system will help to keep everyone that’s involved informed and protect throughout any dangerous situation. Systems can be strategically designed to effectively cover even the largest campuses.

3.  Fire Alarm Systems

High-tech fire alarm systems are of utmost importance when it comes to school safety. If a fire were to break out, these systems would quickly warn everyone in the building and help to move them all outside. They would also automatically alert local fire departments and other emergency personnel, which significantly reduces response times. Since fires spread quickly and can lead to serious destruction, you can count on these systems to deliver the signal that a fire has started somewhere in the building.

4. Access Control

Building access control systems in New Jersey and everywhere else, consist of electrified door hardware and cloud security solutions used to monitor who enters a school and at what time. Since these systems help to keep unauthorized individuals outside, school officials have more peace of mind regarding the safety of those on the inside. Unless someone has clearance, access control systems won’t allow them through the doors.

5. Integrated Security Systems

Integrated security systems conveniently combine some of the most important security systems into one package. Through the consolidation of video surveillance systems, intercom systems, fire alarm systems, building access control systems and more, school officials can greatly improve the safety and security of their buildings. Faculty, students and visitors will all be in good hands when an integrated security system is used as a shield against danger.