Use Avigilon Appearance Search to Find What You Need…Fast

Stop sorting through hours of video and improve overall response time by compiling specific information about a person or incident. With Avigilon Appearance Search, finding exactly what you need is a quick and easy process. Using advanced video analytics, you will be able to easily locate the specific object or person you are looking for using an artificial intelligence search engine through descriptions, facial analytics and more.

Search Using Descriptions
Trying to locate a person that left their purse on a table in a large hospital? Easily narrow in on the person or object you are looking for by searching using descriptions. Using specific characteristics including shirt color, gender, height, etc., you will be able to quickly scroll through the footage you need in order to locate the person more easily.

Facial Analytics
Focus on specific facial features and narrow down your search. While people’s faces, hair color, clothing and accessories change over the time, Avigilon Appearance Search focuses on the key person, even if other attributes change over time. Appearance Search can pinpoint down to the correct analytical characteristics to easily find who you are looking for.

Blurred Exporting
Wish you could blur out elements of a video to make finding certain people or objects easier? You can! Focus solely on the person or object you are following by blurring out all other elements in view. This allows the attention to be focused on the object or person so time can be used more efficiently in narrowing in on other parts of the search.

Avigilon’s Appearance Search uses artificial intelligence searching to focus on specific people or objects. Using characteristics, facial analytics and blurred exporting, the daunting task of searching through hours of video can be made simpler using this video analytics tool. Take your searches to the next level and improve overall responder time.

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