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KeySync is a Physical Identity and Access Management solution that helps businesses in any industry save time and money by automating data entry processes and information workflows.

Synced & Secured with KeySync

Our KeySync solution unifies identity management to keep your property secure at all times. You want to maintain the safety and security of your organization, and our solutions help you manage access workflows that seamlessly integrate with the security measures and requirement of your organization.

At Access Security Corporation, we strive to meet the goals set forth by your organization. Saving you time and money, our solutions automate processes and simplify the control of employees, visitors, vendors, and other identities.

What Is KeySync?

A Physical Identity and Access Management solution that helps businesses in all industries save time and money by automating data entry processes and information workflows.

KeySync synchronizes disparate databases and creates custom workflows to ensure each database is up to date with the latest information. KeySync will also help eliminate duplication of manual data entries and reduce typographical errors, while seamlessly synchronizing identities across various databases. A physical identity refers to any person that has contact or interaction with your organization. This can be employees, visitors, and/or contractors. Keysync can integrate all of these identities across various software platforms saving you and your organization time and money.

How Does KeySync Enhance Your Security?

The predetermined and standardized workflows allow access rights to various areas of your building to only be given when certain criteria are met.  (e.g. To gain access to a restricted area an employee may have had to pass a background check.) There are various aspects that can be incorporated into the system, and we’ll customize your solution for you to best meet your needs.

When you manage and operate multiple facilities and locations, KeySync controls and scales your solutions to provide all the benefits and ease of a smaller system.

The KeySync solution includes physical access control software, visitor management software, student directories, and mobile software. Accessing the system on a mobile device from any location allows you to keep tabs on your facility when you’re not there.

Depending on your customized solution, you can implement advanced policies that include badging, access entitlements, and more to minimize risks.

Full-Service Support Program

To ensure your system stays top of line, we have a dedicated and proven service program to cater to your needs 24/7. If you require assistance with any aspect of the KeySync software, we’ll help your organization run more efficiently and protect your employees.

Take advantage of our annual preventative maintenance program and free remote support when needed. Enjoy years of care-free service knowing that KeySync only allows authorized personnel to enter the restricted areas of your facility.

To inquire further about the benefits, or to request a consultation at your facility, reach out to us today.

Get in touch for a product demo and explore our solution offerings.

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