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Through innovative security designs and solutions, we help you decide on the proper implementation or upgrade path for your security systems that will meet your budget and achieve your security goals.

The healthcare industry demands high levels of security for their facilities. We understand the complexities involved to secure a large campus environment with hundreds and thousands of employees, administration, contractors and visitors that need access to various locations while keeping the entire site secure.

Our software and solutions in the New Jersey and Philadelphia, PA area help ensure your staff, patients, and visitors are protected without compromising the quality of care. We work with you to upgrade your current healthcare security systems and help integrate the highest level of security.

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Through a design consultation, we look at all aspects of your facility, helping you determine the best ways to secure your campus. Whether you require further surveillance or security card access in Philadelphia, PA, our certified in-house technicians install the products that will meet your needs.

What areas of security does Access Security Corporation cover?

  • Internal & External Building Security
  • IP Surveillance Cameras & Network Video Recorder (NVR) Systems
  • Perimeter Security – including gates and
  • Intrusion Detection & Burglar Alarms
  • Electronic Access Control Systems
  • Central Station Monitoring
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We help you invest in innovative technology, providing exceptional customer service and automating your healthcare security. As your facility grows and provides care to patients around the clock, you’re more vulnerable to breaches and risks.

Partnering with Access Security Corporation provides many benefits for commercial video surveillance systems in Philadelphia, PA, and we’re by your side through any issues that may arise.

  • Prompt Response Times
  • Remote System Diagnostics
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Local Code Compliance
  • Full Service Security Integrator

We work with you and treat your facility with the highest professionalism to enhance your operation. Take your healthcare security systems to the next level with our reliable service and electronic access control in Philadelphia, PA.

Serious threats that impact healthcare facilities happen every day. Our goal is to help with these challenges and work with your administrators to help prevent incidents and secure your assets and personnel with advanced analytic security systems.

Request a demo with our sales and systems engineers and see how we can help protect your facility in New Jersey or Philadelphia, PA. We have the certifications and specialized products to meet your requirements and will be available around the clock for technical support.

Get in touch for a product demo and explore our solution offerings.

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