1. What happens to my security system during a power failure?

 When an A/C power failure occurs your system stays on-line.  Every security system we install includes a battery backup power supply.  The battery backup keeps your security system functioning during temporary power outages.  Your business or home security system will continue to operate during a temporary outage.  If you are concerned about extended power outages lasting over 8 hours talk to a sales representative about additional back-up options.

 2. How do your alarm service technicians install the alarm security systems?

 In most businesses, our alarm service technicians do the wiring in the attic space and inside the walls so there is no exposed wire that reveals your alarm security system. 

 3. Does Access Security employ sub-contractors to install our security alarm systems?

 No! Access Security only uses in-house certified technicians.  Each senior installation or service technician has been certified by the manufacturer and has met Access Security’s training qualification.  Our technicians are easily identified because of their uniforms with our corporate logo and their names on the shirt. 

 4. What if I need service after you install the system?

 Call (215) 443-8600 anytime day or night.  We make sure your calls are attended to immediately, all the time by a live operator.  Just give us a call and we will help you with your security concern. 

 5. What happens when my alarm system sounds? 

  • When your alarm system sounds – a signal is instantly transmitted to the central station. Central station monitoring team will then know which area of your premises has been violated.

  • Central station verifies the alarm – Our Central Station will call premises phone number on file to verify if the alarm was accidentally tripped.  The Central Station operator will have your password on file so that you can identify yourself in the event of a false alarm. 

  • Central station dispatches the concerned authorities – If there is no answer at the premises or the person who answers the phone does not know the password our central station monitoring team will then dispatch the concerned authorities. (Police, Fire Service, or Medical).

  • Central station will call the emergency responders – After the authorities have been dispatched, we then contact people listed on your “emergency call list” and inform them of the alarm.

          * This is a typical alarm response and can be modified by the customer’s request.

 6. How long has Access Security Systems been in business?

Access Security has been providing installation and servicing of security systems, fire safety alarm systems, card access control systems and surveillance cameras for homes, businesses and commercial buildings, since 1973.
Our management staff has over 50 combined years’ experience in the security alarm industry. We are based out of Warminster, Pennsylvania and provide security systems throughout the Tri-State areas.

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    With over 40 years in business, Access Security is a unique Physical Security Solution Provider. Our company works directly with leading security hardware and software manufacturers to integrate and unify security solutions into a cohesive physical security management system.

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