5 Reasons to Speak with a Campus Security Expert

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When you’re a school official, the protection of your education facilities should, without a doubt, be at the forefront of your concerns. If you’re struggling with security issues or it’s been years since your last upgrade, here are five reasons to speak with an expert about improving the safeguard of your school:

  1. Safety and security. Above all else, the protection of your students, faculty and visitors should be your number one priority. You’re responsible for guarding them from potential threats on both the inside and outside of your school. By making sure that you can recognize and respond quickly to any issue, you’ll have more peace of mind about providing a quality education to all your students.
  1. Keep track of who enters and who leaves your buildings. When you turn to a team of professionals specializing in campus security in Philadelphia, PA like Access Security Corporation, they can install card access control systems to help you monitor the whereabouts of your students and guests when necessary. This way, you can find out exactly when and where someone is if a problem arises.
  1. Protect your reputation. If you don’t have the appropriate safety measures set in place for your school, you risk the possibility of getting caught off guard and being slow to respond to an emergency. Any type of security breach that isn’t handled correctly will give students, and parents a negative view on the plans and procedures that take place inside of your education facilities.
  1. Automatic gates. In addition to card access control systems, you can also implement automatic gates around your school’s perimeter to improve your campus security in New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Delaware; so, unless someone is authorized to be on your campus, they won’t even be allowed into the parking lot. With so many different threats to prepare for, this is one of the best ways to cover all the bases and ensure the protection of everyone inside of your school.
  1. Video Surveillance System. The trained technicians and engineers at Access Security Corporation can also add a video surveillance system to your existing security measures. With IP Megapixel Camera Technology, DVR access, archived video storage and remote access from any device, school officials can record everything that goes on inside and outside of their buildings. From vandalism and misbehaving students to potential intrusions and theft, you’ll have an eye in the sky that lets you know about everything that’s going on at any given moment.

Optimize your school’s security measures to ensure the protection of everyone involved!

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