Security Systems move into the CLOUD

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Are you aware that many security systems are now available in the Cloud?  By utilizing the cloud you no longer have to buy an expensive security server, constantly backup the database, waste time installing service packs to keep the software up to date, and always having to make sure you have the latest virus protection on the server.  All of these expenses can be provided to you with no upfront cost.  Simply utilize the cloud and pay a small monthly charge for what is known as SaaS or Software as a Service.   Basically SaaS is software that is hosted on a robust secure server somewhere in the cloud.  You get all the benefits but pay only for the portion that you use.  Your SaaS agreement provides you with everything listed above plus your security software is easily accessed via a secure website.  To give you an idea, a standard four (4) reader access control system will cost about $55 per month.  That is only $660 per year.  A security server would cost more than that by itself and you would still need everything else listed above, not to mention your time or the time of your IT staff to manage the system.

The cost savings of utilizing the Cloud are well known throughout the IT industry.  Since many IT departments have been given smaller budgets while still tasked with maintaining the same network size and security many have turned to the cloud as their savior.  The cloud allows IT staff to still have a secure, robust server for storage or applications while eliminating many of the traditional IT costs.  The same holds true for using Cloud services for security systems – All of the same security features, just at a much smaller cost.

Cloud security services are not just for electronic access control.  Security cloud services are available for camera systems as well.  Using the cloud means there is no need to buy an onsite Digital Video Recorder or DVR.  This drastically reduces your up-front investment costs for a camera surveillance system.  You also gain a reliable storage solution.  You will never have a hard drive fail and potentially lose days, weeks, or even months of video when using a cloud based system.

When using the cloud for surveillance cameras you need to make sure there is sufficient network speed or bandwidth.  High speed internet access has become increasingly more affordable and broadband speeds continue to increase.  Make sure the broadband connection is scaled to the size and type of system you are looking for.

Cloud services are an affordable solution that can deliver enterprise security features to organizations of any size.  Before making your next security purchase ask about moving your security into the clouds.