7 Reasons Commercial Properties Need Automatic Gates

Are you thinking about installing automatic gates on your commercial property? As a first line of defense, automatic gates provide a significant advantage over other types of security measures. Here are seven reasons why your commercial property needs automatic gates:       

  1. Improve the safety and security of your facilities by preventing unauthorized personnel from entering your commercial property. Since the electronic gates are designed with irreversibly geared motors, it’s incredibly difficult for burglars to force them open. Moreover, the solid, sturdy design of your automatic gates will function as a deterrent to all types of crime.
  1. Since automatic gates come along with customizable options, you can choose between several designs and colors based on the overall theme of your business. Both sliding gates and swing gates can be integrated with a variety of locking mechanisms, as well as fire control and access control systems in New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania.
  1. With manual gates, you have to hire staff to open and close them as visitors come and go. However, automatic gates can be operated simply with a remote control. This way, visitors don’t have to get exit their vehicles if there aren’t any employees around. This is especially practical at night or during bad weather. In addition, when access controls are built into your automatic gate, you can even observe visitors and determine whether or not you want to give them access to your property.
  1. When you make the wise decision to install automatic gates in Philadelphia, New Jersey or Delaware, you’ll enjoy a convenient installation process. At Access Security Corporation, the highly trained technicians arrive at every job with all the equipment and supplies necessary to perform a safe, efficient installation on your property. Plus, with one of our preventative maintenance programs, you can have confidence in the life expectancy, dependability and overall functionality of your system, all year round.
  1. Compared to traditional gates, most automatic gates have been designed with stainless steel and aluminum, which prevents corrosion due to weather damage or decomposition.
  1. There are many reasons why the value of your commercial property might fluctuate; however, improving your facility’s security will almost always increase its value. By adding automatic gates to your property and promoting a safer, more secure presentation of your facility, both your curb appeal and value will increase, making it more attractive for buyers in the future.
  1. Insurance is a crucial investment that commercial properties must have. Since automatic gates provide another layer of protection to your property, your insurance company might be more inclined to give your company additional insurance breaks.

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5 Reasons to Speak with a Campus Security Expert

When you’re a school official, the protection of your education facilities should, without a doubt, be at the forefront of your concerns. If you’re struggling with security issues or it’s been years since your last upgrade, here are five reasons to speak with an expert about improving the safeguard of your school:

  1. Safety and security. Above all else, the protection of your students, faculty and visitors should be your number one priority. You’re responsible for guarding them from potential threats on both the inside and outside of your school. By making sure that you can recognize and respond quickly to any issue, you’ll have more peace of mind about providing a quality education to all your students.
  1. Keep track of who enters and who leaves your buildings. When you turn to a team of professionals specializing in campus security in Philadelphia, PA like Access Security Corporation, they can install card access control systems to help you monitor the whereabouts of your students and guests when necessary. This way, you can find out exactly when and where someone is if a problem arises.
  1. Protect your reputation. If you don’t have the appropriate safety measures set in place for your school, you risk the possibility of getting caught off guard and being slow to respond to an emergency. Any type of security breach that isn’t handled correctly will give students, and parents a negative view on the plans and procedures that take place inside of your education facilities.
  1. Automatic gates. In addition to card access control systems, you can also implement automatic gates around your school’s perimeter to improve your campus security in New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Delaware; so, unless someone is authorized to be on your campus, they won’t even be allowed into the parking lot. With so many different threats to prepare for, this is one of the best ways to cover all the bases and ensure the protection of everyone inside of your school.
  1. Video Surveillance System. The trained technicians and engineers at Access Security Corporation can also add a video surveillance system to your existing security measures. With IP Megapixel Camera Technology, DVR access, archived video storage and remote access from any device, school officials can record everything that goes on inside and outside of their buildings. From vandalism and misbehaving students to potential intrusions and theft, you’ll have an eye in the sky that lets you know about everything that’s going on at any given moment.

Optimize your school’s security measures to ensure the protection of everyone involved!

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Creating a Secure Lockdown Procedure

Get Your Plan in Place Now!

Recent, and not so recent, national tragedies have proven that a proper lockdown procedure is an absolute must for businesses and corporations.  A secure lockdown procedure will ensure that your building and, most importantly, the people within your building are safe and secure in a threatening situation. A sound lockdown procedure serves as a great resource for during and after an incident.

If you don’t have an established lockdown procedure, you should strongly consider enacting one. Here is a starter guide you can reference during the early planning stages.

One of the most useful tools any business can develop is an official Threat Assessment Team.

A Threat Assessment Team is a group of officials who gather on a semi-annual basis (that’s the minimum – the more meetings; the better) to identify, evaluate, and address threats or potential dangerous incidents that could jeopardize the safety of your facility.

Tip: Create a diverse team of employees from all departments. Moreover, you could even ask local law enforcement or outside medical and mental health professionals to join the team as well depending on the size of your organization.

Note: Your building may already have a Threat Assessment Team if you reside in a leased office space. You can talk to building management about joining and getting a copy of the lock down procedure.

The first task the Threat Assessment Team should tackle is planning and conducting a risk assessment meeting to discover all potential emergency scenarios.

It’s important to not base your lockdown procedure just on active shooter scenarios. This plan should be crafted to handle fires, gas leaks, localized flooding and any other types of threats discussed in the risk assessment meeting

Tip: Think about your geographical location when discussing these situations. Do you live in an area where severe weather is common? Have other local businesses experienced threats in the past?

After your Threat Assessment Team has carefully crafted a fully functional lockdown procedure, emergency drills need to be conducted. A recommendation is doing two drills every year!

Tip: Create two different drills so you can accurately test the fluidity of your procedure.

Following each drill, make sure to have a review meeting with the Threat Assessment Team.

How did the staff react during the drill? What went right? What went wrong? What can we improve?

Tip: Businesses with large properties can especially benefit from implementing a “panic button”. These devices are easily configured to trigger multiple emergency alerts simultaneously and have the ability to automatically lock all doors within a building. Moreover, similar to fire alarms, these devices also have the ability to contact local law enforcement. They create a seamless mechanism that is stress free for your team!

Not only should you plan a secure lockdown procedure to keep your building and people safe and secure during threatening situations, but you should also consider adding innovative security systems to improve the overall protection of your entire facility. From camera surveillance and building access control systems in New Jersey to intrusion alarms and automatic gates in Delaware, you can count on Access Security Corporation to provide the security solutions you need.

Making Schools Safer with Innovative Security Measures

There’s no denying how important it is for schools to strengthen the safety and security of their buildings. With so many young children and a large number of faculty and staff present on a daily basis, protection must be a top priority. Here are four security systems that will definitely improve the security of any educational facility:

 1. Video Surveillance System

School security cameras in Philadelphia, PA and surrounding areas, help to improve the safety and security of any school tremendously. First off, with full camera coverage, school officials will be able to identify and locate an intruder before they even gain access to your building. Moreover, cameras can also assist with identification and visitation. To explain, school officials will be able to make sure that the person on the other side of the door is really who they say they are. Thirdly, the presence of security cameras has been known to stop some criminals (or rebellious students) right in their tracks!

2. Intercom System

Intercom systems provide schools with a quick and easy way to communicate essential information to students, faculty and visitors. There’s really no faster way to spread the word about a fire or any other perceived danger. A high-quality intercom system will help to keep everyone that’s involved informed and protect throughout any dangerous situation. Systems can be strategically designed to effectively cover even the largest campuses.

3.  Fire Alarm Systems

High-tech fire alarm systems are of utmost importance when it comes to school safety. If a fire were to break out, these systems would quickly warn everyone in the building and help to move them all outside. They would also automatically alert local fire departments and other emergency personnel, which significantly reduces response times. Since fires spread quickly and can lead to serious destruction, you can count on these systems to deliver the signal that a fire has started somewhere in the building.

4. Access Control

Building access control systems in New Jersey and everywhere else, consist of electrified door hardware and cloud security solutions used to monitor who enters a school and at what time. Since these systems help to keep unauthorized individuals outside, school officials have more peace of mind regarding the safety of those on the inside. Unless someone has clearance, access control systems won’t allow them through the doors.

5. Integrated Security Systems

Integrated security systems conveniently combine some of the most important security systems into one package. Through the consolidation of video surveillance systems, intercom systems, fire alarm systems, building access control systems and more, school officials can greatly improve the safety and security of their buildings. Faculty, students and visitors will all be in good hands when an integrated security system is used as a shield against danger.

What Happens After Your Company’s Alarm System Sounds?

Security systems are incredibly valuable to commercial location owners. By striving to protect the entire circumference of your location, you’ll be able to ensure the effective safeguard of your employees, visitors, assets and sensitive information. But by not taking the appropriate measures to prevent a security breach, though, you’ll be putting a lot on the line. The convenience and protective measures provided by reputable security companies, such as Access Security Corporation, will help you to eliminate the possibility of your company’s safety being jeopardized. To assist you in developing a better idea about the responsiveness of security professionals, we’ve outlined the crucial steps that security corporations will take in securing your location, should your security ever be compromised.

  1. As soon as your alarm system sounds, a signal is immediately transmitted to the central station. The monitoring team will then work quickly to identify the specific areas in which your property’s security system has been violated.
  1. To rule-out the possibility of your alarm system being accidentally tripped, the monitoring team will call your company to confirm the alarm. A password will be on file at the central station, as well, so that you can identify yourself to the operator in the event of a false alarm.
  1. If no one answers the call, or if the person that does is unable to provide the correct password, then the central station will relay the breach of security to the authorities.
  1. After emergency responders have been contacted, such as the police, fire department and EMTs, the monitoring team will contact the people listed on your company’s “emergency call list” and inform them of the situation.

When you choose an established security service provider to implement protective solutions for your company, you’ll be given the peace of the mind that your business is protected from possible security breaches. From access control systems in Philadelphia, PA to video surveillance in Montgomery County, PA—there are security technicians prepared to help provide your company with an ideal level of protection. When you request central station monitoring support, you’ll have the confidence that your property is secured 24 hours a day, 365 days a year—even if phone lines are down.

Visit our homepage today to learn more about our available security system services relating to access control systems, intrusion alarm systems and commercial surveillance systems in Philadelphia, PA and surrounding regions.

3 Reasons to Install an Access Control System

Access control systems are essential in the prevention of security breaches since they help to keep unwanted visitors out and your employees safe. Below, are four reasons to have security system experts install an access control system to provide more reliable protection for your company:

  1. Greater Safeguard

Through the implementation of an access control system in Philadelphia, PA and surrounding areas, you’ll increase the security of your company’s building. Only designated individuals—such as your employees—will be able to gain access into your facility via cards, key fobs, pins or passwords. This will help you keep unwanted visitors out, and provide an ideal level of protection for your employees. You can rest assured that sensitive information will be secure, as well, when you install an access control system.

  1. Specific Preferences Available

 Reputable security system experts specializing in access control systems in Montgomery County and other Greater Philadelphia areas, such as Access Security Corporation, will help you to customize various levels of security for particular entrances and exists. These systems can be modified to the personal expectations of a business owner in order to accommodate for a wide-range of security desires. Regardless of who you want to have access where—security system experts will assist you throughout the process of customizing your access control system.

  1. Never Have to Change Locks

 If a card or key fob were to go missing, you’ll have the ability to immediately deactivate it and eliminate the possibility of an ill-intended individual gaining access into your company’s building. Employees can also quickly obtain a new access control device if they were to lose it. Instead of having control over the lock, which is the case with traditional lock systems, you’ll have control of over the key. This means that through a data system, you’ll be able to either eliminate access or provide it to any given individual in a timely manner. Even better—the duplication of access control system devices isn’t possible.

Whether you’re looking to optimize a healthcare security system Philadelphia, Pa, or implement a more dependable regulation strategy for the entry and exit of particular individuals—access control systems will provide your business with the security it needs. Don’t wait any longer to improve the safeguard of your company’s building by asking a security system expert to install an access control system for your business.

4 Reasons Healthcare Facilities Should Consult a Security Corporation

Healthcare facilities have equipment and documents that aren’t nearly as important as the health of those they care for, but it’s still imperative that the owners of these facilities take the appropriate measures to safeguard equipment and the wellbeing of their patients, visitors and staff. By increasing the overall security of these locations, healthcare facilities will assure others that they facilitate a safe environment for medical care and will, therefore, help to protect themselves from debilitating liabilities. Below are five reasons for a healthcare facility owner to consult a credible security corporation such as Access Security Corporation, which is located in Warminster, PA.

 Expensive medical equipment includes all of the instrumental assets that are essential to the
care provided by hospitals, clinics and other healthcare centers. Since the medical field is so incredibly invested in the benefits associated with modern day technology, it’s imperative that these devices and machines are securely safeguarded. Don’t jeopardize the success of your healthcare facility or the wellbeing of your patients by disregarding the protection of crucial and
expensive medical equipment. CCTV and surveillance cameras, for example, as
well as electronic access control will work towards preventing the damage or
thievery of these valuables.

Patients, visitors and staff shouldn’t have to worry about the possibility of their medical records and other personal information being stolen by a healthcare facility intruder. Healthcare facilities are expected to have the integrity to defend important documents against one’s accessibility—which is so often requested by patients. Without investing in the most accommodating security systems, healthcare facilities risk having their vulnerability exploited. Integrated security systems will help to eliminate the risk and make health facility owners more confident about their protection.

Perimeter security must be taken into account while considering healthcare security systems in Philadelphia, PA. The close areas surrounding your healthcare facility should be monitored at all times with eyes in the sky. Surveillance cameras will not only deter burglars but will also help facility experts realize when a potential security breach is about to occur. The possibility of an ill-intended visitor penetrating the interior of a building will decrease tremendously through the implementation of security devices. Whether a healthcare location is searching for intrusion alarm systems in Bucks County, PA or electronic access control in Philadelphia, PA, the protection of their perimeter helps to eliminate possible security breaches.

Life safety issues must be taken care of appropriately or else healthcare facilities will risk the health-related consequences of their patients, visitors and staff that are associated with buildings that do not honor the mandatory applications of safety codes. By simply miscalculating or wrongly installing the devices associated with the Life Safety Code, health care facilities risk being held responsible for the injuries and complications related to a fire or other emergency. Assure that fire prevention and building codes are respected by installing fire alarms and other fire prevention devices. This will help your facility avoid having to deal with liabilities and other problems that come along with an emergency.

Through a consultation with security experts such as Access Security Corporation, healthcare facility owners will assure the protection of their expensive medical equipment as well as that of their patients, visitors and staff. Healthcare facilities are encouraged to address perimeter security and life safety issues to avoid detrimental liabilities. Naturally—healthcare facilities should be expected to protect the health of everybody working at and visiting their location. Learn more about how to protect your health care facility by visiting Access Security Corporation’s website.

5 Security Systems Implemented by Security Experts

Education, government, healthcare and corporate facilities always run the risk of having their protection jeopardized when they don’t implement safeguarding systems. In order to provide an optimum level of protection for their facilities, property owners must seek the security system designs, installations and support of security system experts, such as Access Security Corporation in Warminster, PA. Below are five protective systems that can be implemented to shield your facility from potential intruders.

 Video surveillance systems will provide your facility with an incredible level of customized perimeter security. With eyes in the sky—your education, corporate or healthcare building will always have protection from potential intruders.

Card access control systems give property owners the necessary peach-of-mind about who exactly enters their facility. Unless individuals have permission to enter your facility, they won’t be granted access from security card access systems in Philadelphia, PA.

Intrusion systems are easy to use and understand. Your staff will receive standardized training on exactly how to use a new burglar alarm system. The cost-effective setups will promptly warn individuals within your facility if and when there’s ever a security breach.

Fire alarm systems include devices such as smoke detectors, heat detectors, fire pull stations, sprinkler systems and sprinkler system activation valves, which protect businesses and their assets through a high-quality, detection design. With these devices, a consolidated and centralized control system will notify individuals if a fire were to occur.

Physical identify and access management (PIAM) systems deal with employees, staff, students, contractors, consultants and visitors to grant physical access privileges within an organization. PIAM systems deal with the interaction of various database systems to manage access control and to ensure that only the correct people are able to gain access where needed and the wrong people are kept out.        

Education, government, healthcare and corporate locations should never compromise the security of their facility.  Security system experts such as Access Security Corporation in Warminster, PA will provide protective systems that will shield your facility from ill-intended individuals. Whether your company is in need of a security access system in Horsham, PA or an access control system Philadelphia, PA— Access Security Corporation in Warminster, PA is more than prepared for your security system project.


Security Systems move into the CLOUD

Are you aware that many security systems are now available in the Cloud?  By utilizing the cloud you no longer have to buy an expensive security server, constantly backup the database, waste time installing service packs to keep the software up to date, and always having to make sure you have the latest virus protection on the server.  All of these expenses can be provided to you with no upfront cost.  Simply utilize the cloud and pay a small monthly charge for what is known as SaaS or Software as a Service.   Basically SaaS is software that is hosted on a robust secure server somewhere in the cloud.  You get all the benefits but pay only for the portion that you use.  Your SaaS agreement provides you with everything listed above plus your security software is easily accessed via a secure website.  To give you an idea, a standard four (4) reader access control system will cost about $55 per month.  That is only $660 per year.  A security server would cost more than that by itself and you would still need everything else listed above, not to mention your time or the time of your IT staff to manage the system.

The cost savings of utilizing the Cloud are well known throughout the IT industry.  Since many IT departments have been given smaller budgets while still tasked with maintaining the same network size and security many have turned to the cloud as their savior.  The cloud allows IT staff to still have a secure, robust server for storage or applications while eliminating many of the traditional IT costs.  The same holds true for using Cloud services for security systems – All of the same security features, just at a much smaller cost.

Cloud security services are not just for electronic access control.  Security cloud services are available for camera systems as well.  Using the cloud means there is no need to buy an onsite Digital Video Recorder or DVR.  This drastically reduces your up-front investment costs for a camera surveillance system.  You also gain a reliable storage solution.  You will never have a hard drive fail and potentially lose days, weeks, or even months of video when using a cloud based system.

When using the cloud for surveillance cameras you need to make sure there is sufficient network speed or bandwidth.  High speed internet access has become increasingly more affordable and broadband speeds continue to increase.  Make sure the broadband connection is scaled to the size and type of system you are looking for.

Cloud services are an affordable solution that can deliver enterprise security features to organizations of any size.  Before making your next security purchase ask about moving your security into the clouds.

Migrating from Analog to IP Cameras

Many people are left with the notion that if they want to upgrade or use IP cameras that the existing analog cameras and cable infrastructure can no longer be used.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  It would be a terrible waste of money to start from scratch especially if you have a large camera system currently in place.  Below are a few products that can help you migrate from analog to IP without breaking the bank.

 1. Hybrid Digital Video Recorders (HDVR)

 A “Hybrid” Digital Video Recorder or HDVR are becoming even more popular as companies begin the process of migrating to IP camera systems.  These are recorders that have a video compression card built directly into the unit.  The compression card is so that standard coaxial cable cameras can be directly connected to the recorder.  On the back of the recorder there typically can be anywhere from 4 to 64 coaxial cable inputs for existing cameras.  The advantage of a “Hybrid” recorder is that it can also accept IP video streams through its network connection.  Depending on the system the “Hybrid” recorder can accept from 1 to sometimes as many as 128 IP cameras.  These “Hybrid” recorders can provide exceptional scalability and an easy migration path from existing analog cameras to network IP cameras.

 2. IP Video Encoders

 An IP video encoder converts standard analog cameras into digital IP video streams.  Using video encoders allows for a company to save the existing cameras and convert to a Network Video Recorder or NVR solution.  IP video encoders can convert a single camera or up to 16 cameras with a single unit.  These are very helpful devices for companies that have large systems but don’t have the budget to convert all the cameras over to network IP cameras in a single phase.

 3. Ethernet over Coaxial Cable Media Converter

 These devices can be a lifesaver or maybe better put a budget saver for companies with large analog systems or a large building.  These media converters utilize the existing coaxial cable infrastructure and IP cameras to be transmitted over the existing cable.  This solves two costly problems.  First, the labor cost of recabling numerous cameras can be very expensive.  Second, Ethernet cable has a distance limitation of approximately 300 feet.  Using a coaxial media converter at either end of a coax cable can extend the distance up to 5000 feet.

 These three devices make migrating from an analog camera system to a network IP camera system much more cost effective and allow for a project to be phased in.  A phased in approach can be much easier than a one time capital expense especially when budgets are tight.